Enlightened Leadership Program 2021

Today, more than ever before, the world needs leaders — enlightened leaders.

What do we mean by enlightened leaders?

  • Enlightened leaders are world citizens, dedicated to the welfare of their fellow human beings and committed to creating a peaceful, prosperous, thriving planet.
  • Enlightened leaders are healthy and happy, strong and balanced within themselves.
  • Enlightened leaders know how to communicate across cultures, who know how to inspire others, who can motivate others to come together to accomplish the impossible.
  • Enlightened leaders understand that human potential is infinite. They know how to dive within to unlock their own infinite creativity and intelligence, and they know how to help others develop their own unlimited potential.
  • Enlightened leaders are equipped with real solutions. They have working knowledge of sustainable, evidence-based approaches to the world’s pressing problems, including consciousness-based approaches. And they know how to raise the collective consciousness of the entire planet, to prevent problems before they arise.

What you’ll learn

We face a historically unprecedented set of social and environmental challenges today. The time demands a new approach to education and a new generation of leaders.

In this program, you’ll gain knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Consciousness-based solutions — expertise in cutting-edge, consciousness-based solutions, including preventing war and promoting world peace by raising collective consciousness
  • Communications — effective listening, speaking, writing, public presentations, cross-cultural communication, and social media
  • Teamwork — how to work in teams and lead teams
  • Problem-solving and conflict resolution — how to resolve obstacles and keep moving forward
  • Management – thorough training in leading business principles applicable to any kind of organization — project management, human resource management, finance, marketing, and more.

Develop your creative intelligence, promote your good health

The Enlightened Leadership program is grounded in development of consciousness — cultivating your infinite inner creative intelligence and growing in enlightenment.

MIU is a place where people routinely have what Maharishi called “number one experiences” — experiences of the highest states of consciousness, as a result of their extended group practice of the Transcendental Meditation program and its advanced techniques. You’ll have ample time twice each day for your personal practice.

You’ll enjoy a balanced and comfortable daily routine, and you’ll learn simple techniques for promoting your own balance and health drawn from Maharishi AyurVeda, the ancient science of health and well-being.

Create peace and harmony in society

As a student in this program, you’ll be part of a large meditation group in our famous Golden Domes. For the past 40 years, this group has been helping dissolve social stress and create peace and harmony in society.

As dozens of published scientific studies have shown, when people gather together in large groups (just the square root of 1% of the population) to practice Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques, something remarkable happens — they create measurable benefits for the whole society. Crime rate drops, violence declines, infectious disease rates drop, and much more. Such groups have even reduced terrorism and warfare.

This means that even as a student, you’ll already be a leader, helping elevate the quality of life for millions of people.


This training is applicable to any form of leadership, but it will be especially useful for those interested in careers in TM  teaching organizations around the world — careers where you work directly with people to improve their health, increase their happiness, enhance their success — help them grow in enlightenment. The ultimate goal: creating enlightenment for every individual and peace and sustainable prosperity for the world.

The opportunities are endless. Many TM teachers teach in their local communities or in locations of their choice (which might be anywhere in the world). Many work on special projects — teaching TM to underserved populations in schools, or to veterans suffering from PTSD, or to people struggling with substance abuse, or to prison populations. The outcomes are unprecedented in each of these areas. Speak to just about anyone in this profession and you’ll learn how rewarding this career can be.

Students may take the five-month Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training program as part of the program, for academic credit, certifying you to teach the TM technique to others. You will also have the opportunity to undertake rewarding internships at exciting locations in countries worldwide.

Graduates of this program will be poised to assume leadership roles in the national TM organizations in their countries.

But whatever direction your career may take you, whatever field you choose to pursue, you’ll have an unparalleled foundation of knowledge and experience to support your success.

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